First Day of Pre-College: Game Design Program at DigiPen

Today my son and I embarked on a four week journey in Seattle, Washington. Recently he was accepted into DigiPen’s Pre-College Program which consists of classes from 9am to 4:15pm in the Principles of Game Design, Computer Science (for Designers), Interactive Narrative and Character Creation and a Team Project.

Since I wasn’t about to fly my teenage kid up to Seattle to fend for himself for 4 weeks in a hotel, I got permission from my company to work remotely and we hopped on a plane and headed up to Seattle and specifically Redmond.

This morning, Raymond Yan, the Senior VP for K-12 Programs spoke to all the pre-college students and their parents. He said some things that really stuck out to me:

Good is not good enough. You must be remarkable!

Projects are the most challenging. It’s the differing opinions that make up a good product.

You’re going to have to put yourself out there. You need help, ask for help!

I hope my son takes Raymond’s great advice to heart and I can’t wait to see what he creates for his project!!

I Won a Bronze Pass to Fluent Conference 2017!

Thanks to David Walsh and his blog that I regularly read, I won a bronze pass to the 2017 Fluent Conference in San Jose! I can’t even being to count how many O’Reilly books I have and this conference was right up my alley!

Addy Osmani from Google gave a great talk on “The browser hacker’s guide to instantly loading everything”. So great that he gave an encore talk the following day because the room was packed!
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Takeaways from NG-Conf 2017

Angular Conference
This year, NG Conf 2017 was a month earlier in April. No chance for a May the Fourth Be With You party, but still a great conference! The focus was on Angular (version 1.x is called AngularJS and anything 2 and beyond is just called Angular now) which was perfect for me since we’ve switched over to Angular at work now.
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