How to Use a Custom Domain Name with an Azure Website

You’ve created an Azure website (or maybe a few):


and now you want to use one of your own custom domain names instead of the one supplied by Azure (<name> How do you go about doing this?

First thing you need to do is to switch to Shared Web Hosting if  you’re not already on it.  I started out on the Free plan, so I had to switch!  Select the website you want to convert to a custom domain name:


Choose SCALE from the menu and you’ll see this:


Select SHARED and finally SAVE:


Azure will double check to make sure you want to switch from Free to Shared.  Choose YES:




Scroll down to domain names and select manage domains:


Make a note of the IP address:



Now you’ll need to go to your domain name host (mine is and find out where the host records are located.  For Namecheap, they are called “All Host Records”:


You will need to configure the following information for the host records:


Save your changes and wait for the new host records to be propagated throughout the internet.  This can take a while, but should be no more than 24 hours.

Go back to Azure and enter in your custom domain name and as long as everything works out, you should now be able to go to your custom domain!


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