Takeaways from NG-Conf 2017

Angular Conference
This year, NG Conf 2017 was a month earlier in April. No chance for a May the Fourth Be With You party, but still a great conference! The focus was on Angular (version 1.x is called AngularJS and anything 2 and beyond is just called Angular now) which was perfect for me since we’ve switched over to Angular at work now.

I picked up these socks for my co-worker and he loves them! I also got a couple of t-shirts (I was really picky this time), another hoodie from the NG Conf team and lots of patches!! I think I’m going to put the patches on my new Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Backpack which I absolutely love because it has compartments for all my gear and it’s roomy too.

There were some really good sessions to point out:

  1. I am One with Angular, Angular is One with Me
  2. Thoughtful Component Design
  3. ng-STEAM
  4. Best Practices

And Shai Reznik is always good for a laugh….or TWO!!

It was another great conference and I might have even convinced my co-worker to go next year! If you’re looking for me, checkout out the upper right hand quadrant and look for the mustard colored rain jacket near the bottom of the quadrant!

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